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We provide translation of your documentation, software, online help, and other communication mediums — translated by a native speaker to ensure that your text is linguistically and typographically correct.


Translation is a detailed process that includes the following:

  • Analysing source language in relation to the intended audience and target languages
  • Utilising a network of qualified, native speakers of the target languages
  • Editing and proofreading translated text to deliver the greatest degree of accuracy
  • Returning completed translations in the same format and layout as the source files (where feasible)
  • Producing deliverables in multiple media forms and languages

Helping craft the right words to reach to your overseas audience.


Localisation is the process by which multiple language versions of a product are created. The goal is to develop foreign language content that does not appear to have been translated. Localisation involves:

  • Identifying local linguistics and environmental requirements
  • Analysing the product to determine the areas to be adapted
  • Dealing with culturally sensitive material
  • Modifying copy where necessary
  • Re-engineering the core product to suit the foreign market
  • Testing foreign editions to ensure they meet domestic standards

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