Multi-format Commercial Print Solutions

Our printing facilities benefit from the expertise and technology of the Yamagata Group. Using sophisticated, high-tech printing machinery, and exercising stringent quality control, we ensure premium quality prints.

We have equipment and staff to handle almost any commercial print job, from next-day orders to periodic printing and mailing. Our experience includes:

  • On-demand printing: the production and distribution of documents in quantities and cycles based on end-user demand
  • Next-day printing: time-sensitive jobs fulfilled within 24 hours of receiving a print-ready proof, typically on a digital press
  • Large format materials: production of materials exceeding 4 square metres, requiring special equipment
  • Very large quantity orders: printing of orders exceeding 1000 copies in a way that keeps the cost-per-copy to a minimum

Commercial Printing Equipment

For more information, please see the Equipment section.

We are capable of all major formats of commercial printing. Our lineup of equipment includes:

  1. Digital Printing — for printing in small quantities; typically the choice for on-demand printing
  2. Sheet Fed Offset Printing — for high-quality printing in medium-to-large quantities; wide range of paper and ink choices
  3. Web Offset Printing — for printing in very large quantities; inexpensive but limited choice of paper types

Ensuring every project is carefully handled by our print specialists until completion. 

Fulfillment Options

We offer options print fulfillment including but not limited to the following:

  • Folding
    • Double Sheet
    • Registration
    • Pagination
    • Folding Style
  • Stitching
    • CCD Camera Image
    • Wire Position
    • Weight
    • Final Size
  • Perfect binding
    • CCD Camera Image
    • Glue Strength
    • Weight
    • Final Size
  • Knitting
    • Barcode Scanning
    • Sequence Control
    • Quantity Control
    • Weight
    • Sealing Quality

For more information please see our Fulfillment page.

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